the Animals

At Vale da Azinhaga, we promote contact with all the farm animals.

Regardless how you prefer to enjoy the space, contact with animals is always present, whether walking through the farm or through the variety of activities we promote around this theme.

From Julião, Vale da Azinhaga´s pony, which we want to feed, brush, wash and ride.

From the Hen House, with all its commotion, are born chicks, ducks, turkeys and geese.

We prepare the food and collect the eggs hidden amongst the straw.

Of the sheep, who strip themselves of wool and prejudices, we have Horace, Selma, and Rosita.

We have rabbits that do not stop growing and that go from hand to hand so that they can be held by the little hands of each child.

The carps, frogs and other hidden pets we can feed.

The most recent family members of Vale da Azinhaga are the dwarf goats that just want to play and follow us everywhere ..!

Play, learn and care.